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SDR Token

  • The SDR Token is issued from Switzerland and hence falls under the FINMA regulation.
  • SDR Token is in the process of receiving  a non-action order from FINMA
  • SDR Token collateral is held in a Tier 1 financial licenced wealth management entity
  • SDR Token collateral balances are audited on a monthly basis 
  • SDR Token smart contract is in the process of being audited by 3 independent external parties. 


  • The SDR Token is issued exclusively on the DQR-OTC desk, which falls under MFSA regulation

  • DQR-OTC has received a provisional licence to operate a level 3 cryptocurrency exchange from MFSA

  • DQR-OTC serves only corporate and institutional clients

  • DQR-OTC does not serve retail clients under 1 Million collateral investment.