We Have Research In Our DNA

The SDR project is developed exclusively by the DQR (Digital Quantitative Research) group and we are proud to acknowledge that research is a core focus of our day to day activities. Essentially not only are the origins of DQR (and its name) based on the foundation’s scientific research, our goal is to continue to contribute to the community with state of the art content that can further develop the blockchain industry. 

Blockchain Research

We continue to evaluate new generation blockchain technologies to expand further the use cases of the SDR and other related products. We also investigate alternative mining incentives to better utilise the immense computational energy to solve real life problems. Imagine a mining incentive that actually attempts to calculate DNA sequences or searches for extraterrestrial life. 


Financial Research

As part of our mission to merge traditional finance with blockchain, we continue to pursue tokenised financial product development and engineering. We believe many of the current financial inefficiencies and legacy structures can be drastically improved via the implementation of decentralised smart contracts technology, to support autonomised settlement. The SDR project is a starting point to explore the capabilities of blockchain innovation, with a central banking reserve asset standard of the IMF as a benchmark of what both worlds can bring to the table.

Market Research

We aim at delivering a series of publications on quantitative analysis of the market from both a micro- and macro-economic perspective. Here we hope to evaluate further the impact of the SDR token in solving the envisaged use cases, the adoption of the SDR and its overall growth in the crypto-market place. 


Humanitarian Research

Our core mission is to make a difference and attempt to produce a more inclusive economy. Part of this commitment is actively connect our research, product development and blockchain engineering to humanitarian impact. We actively investigate how we can produce value to societies who currently do not have the privileges of modern day banking. Our aim is to empower people with blockchain and be remembered as innovators who sparked a social revolution.